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Goat's Milk Everything

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

What do you mean it has goat's milk in it?

I had goat's milk as a kid, it was so, well, goaty!

Where does the milk come from? Wait, you actually milk them yourself?!


Every single time I talk about what I do I get asked the same few questions. I expect them, and I don't mind answering them. But is goat's milk really that unheard of!?

I know that I had heard of it before I had a farm, I wouldn't have ever guessed it was so simple to use. Or so easy to create recipes with!

I thought I would share my favorites with you!

I will start with my simple soap recipe, minus the goats milk this is the very first recipe I ever soaped with! My goats weren't in milk back then so I started with boring old water!

Following directions in soap making isn't something you SHOULD do, it's something you MUST do!

So to err on the side of caution I won't list the ingredients in recipe form until the end, clearly you won't think to just scroll down and will read every.single.word first!

You will need some durable plastic mixing bowls, a trusty scale, soap old, kitchen gloves, eye protection, a few spatulas and an immersion blender.

You need an area free of kids and pets. Scare them by showing them this video

To reassure you I have splashed lye on my face, I have also touched the soap as its being poured into the molds. I seem to be doing ok, just wash it off quickly! If you start itching while making soap it most likely means some lye water has splashed on your hands/arms. Just wash up!

In one of your bowls that you have now committed to never using for food again, measure in the cold water, add in the lye. While holding your breath give it a quick but gentle stir. But seriously, don't take a deep breath of lye, it burns and it can't be good for you

Set that mixture aside in a safe place and start measuring oils. Melt solids in the microwave in a glass or heat resistant plastic bowl, add the liquid oils.

If you used cold water and your oils weren't heated to boiling you can go ahead and pour the lye water into the oils

Put your immersion blender into the solution then turn it on, don't get that backwards

Once it starts to thicken, or reach "trace" fancy word for thicker than you started with add your scent or color and pour in to mold!

Leave it alone!

I know its tempting an d you want to see it, but don't try and pop it out of that mold for roughly 24 hours!

If its hot and humid you might want to wait up to 72 hours!

Then slice that soap!

Set is aside to cure (dry) for about 4 weeks! The drier it is the longer it lasts!

Simple huh?! Honestly the hardest part for me was gathering the supplies! I'll add links to my favorite places to shop, I don't get any kickbacks, maybe someday :)

Before I add the recipe let me say I have stopped using palm oil! I know some of it claims to be sustainably sourced, but I don't buy it. So many people who stop to talk to me make sure my products are palm free before they buy anyway, so it's smart business move too :)

Now to what you really want, the recipe

This recipe perfectly fills one of these basic molds

10.9 ounces cold water

4.6 ounces lye

9 ounces coconut oil

9 ounces palm oil you can substitute babassu oil like I do

13.5 ounces olive oil

3 ounces castor oil

Mica color make sure whatever colorant you choose is rated to stay true in cold process soap making!!!

Scent is trickier, obviously it is a personal choice, but most essential oils won't hold their scent. Also the temperatures reached in soap making kill pretty much all of the benefits essential oils have anyway. If you want to go essential oil try the citrus scents, peppermint, lemongrass and mints!

Fragrance oils are able to hold their scent best! Plus they come in about anything you want! Love Victoria's Secret perfumes? They sell fragrance oils for each one! That Bath and BodyWorks scent they got rid of 5 years ago? Yep, they have it!

But again, personal choice!

Now safely clean up that mess, from experience you don't want your kids to walk through the house with a glass you KNOW was in the sink under your soaping bowl you were too lazy to wash :/

Just a story I heard ** the kids are fine

I'd love feedback and to see what you create! Follow me on social media for all my soapy fun! I will be adding recipes for lotions and liquid body washes soon!

Also tricks and tips for adding the amazing goodness of goat's milk!

Hop over to Facebook and Instagram to join my soaping adventures, my farm life and my crazy family!

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