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Dandelion Soap Recipe

Stop the mowing and spraying and pulling of dandelions!

Not only are you taking what the bees need as an early season food source, but you are literally killing an A-mazing flower!

Dandelions can be eaten, really, they actually sell the greens at your local grocery store! They make a great salad!

But they also contain a wealth of goodness for your skin!

Check out 👇 for just some of dandelions benefits!


****if you're just here for the recipe scroll down***

Now I'm not opposed to eating dandelion greens, I think they are delicious, however, I'm in it for the soap!

From www.drhealthbenefits.com

"Based on scientists’ studies, dandelion can be a very good medicinal plant to treat cystic acne, inflammation, etc. Some amateur soap makers have incorporated dandelion as part of soap ingredients based on this founding.

Dandelion soap is still rarely produced. Despite its limited production, it is still worth to try it for skin health treatment. Also, the amount of benefits it provides worth the effort to find this soap. This writing will provides informations about the benefits of dandelion soap for skin health.

1. It is very useful for skin with dermatitis (eczema)

First benefits you can get from dandelion soap is it helps treat skin with eczema or dermatitis. Eczema may cause itchiness, rash, and red skin. Fortunately, soap composed of fresh dandelions combined with health benefits of rowse honey and tamanu oil can help relieve the symptoms of eczema. People with irritating skin conditions such as eczema might consider use dandelion soap.

2. Dandelion soap is particularly useful againts psoriasis skin condition

Another super benefits of dandelion soap for skin health. Psoriasis, similar to eczema, also can be persistent to treat. It needs special treatment. Thanks to science, researchers have found alternative solutions for this problem.

One of them is dandelion soap, meanwhile the other is health benefits of rosemary for skin. Dandelion soap has proven to be useful, particularly for those who have psoriasis skin condition.

3. Dandelion soap can help treat skin infections

Since many thousands years ago, dandelions have been trusted and used for skin problems treatment. One example of skin problems that can be healed by dandelions and benefits of goji berry in skincare is skin infections. The treatment can take many forms. In this scenario, dandelion takes form of a soap to treat infections.

Based on some researches, dandelion as herbal medicine and soap is effective againts skin infection. Try it and gain the benefits.

4. Dandelion soap helps cure skin inflammation

One of excellent benefits of dandelion soap for skin health. There are many herbal medicines for skin inflammation. But, consumer only have to use dandelion soap, and problem is solved. No need for additional products.

According to herbs experts, dandelion itself is a herbal medicine targeted specifically for inflammation. So, combining it with other herbal items (such as honey, olive oil, etc) into one soap will helps treat inflammation better.

5. Dandelion soap has proven to be useful for acne removal

Next benefits of dandelion soap for skin health is its anti acne properties. Apparently, dandelions flower and leaves have been long used to cure acne symptoms since thousand years ago. It can even remove cystic acne, and share same health benefits of jojoba oil for skin.

To remove acne, just use dandelion soap when taking a shower. Use it on face skin affected with acne. After several weeks, the acne should begin to vanish. A face without acne will look more attractive and brighter.

6. Dandelion soap nourishes the skin with essential vitamins

OK. Next benefits of dandelion soap for skin health is really interesting. Here is the reason : the dandelions contain essential vitamins for skin health. Yes, that’s right. To maintain skin health, just like other parts of body, it has to be nourished with enough vitamins.

According to analyses, some group of A, C, and K vitamins can be found in dandelions plant. This makes dandelion a powerful ingredient to make soap. It supplies the skin with those vitamin, thus it will stay nourished.

7. Dandelions contain antioxidants

Not only vitamins, dandelions also contain antioxidants. These antioxidants are very useful againts free radicals, as it removes them from the body. Antioxidants in dandelion soap may helps prevent some diseases, most notably is cancer. It stops the growth of cancer cells, thus reducing the risk of cancer. 8. It can act as therapy soap

Extra benefits of dandelion soap for skin health is it can be used for therapy. Dandelion, according to scientists, apparently possesses therapeutic or healing properties. This is due to polyphenol found in dandelions. So, dandelion soap will make a good therapy soap.

9. Dandelion helps regenerate dead skin cells

Dead skin cells may cause the skin to appear dark, and dull. This can be a nuisance for some folks. Using dandelion soap can help remove the dead skin cells and assist in regeneration of the skin.

Other good benefits of dandelion soap for skin health are :

Helps remove black spots and blackheads Minimize the skin pores Skin tone brightening Anti-bacteria agent Prevents fungal infection Helps clearing wound marks"

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If you want to give making your very own soap a try keep reading!!

Dandelion Infused Cold Process Soap

* you need to start this recipe about 2 weeks before you make the actual soap!

Step 1: go outside and start pulling dandelions, lots of them. Don't have any? Usually the neighbors are happy to let my kids wander their yards colllecting. I follow the, "never take more than half" rule. Half for me, half for the bees! Stems are good too! If you get a root just rinse the dirt off before the next step!

Step 2: Take a couple good handfuls of dandelions and smush them into a half gallon mason jar. Fill with olive oil, put the lid on and set it in a cool place, out of the sun! Every day or so I shake the jar to move the oil around.

Step 3: After a week pour the entire content of jar into your blender or food processor. Blend for a bit. You won't get all the chunks ground up, thats OK! Set aside for another week.

Step 4: Over a large bowl, pour the mixture through a fine strainer. Some little flakes might get through, just roll with it! This step might take a while so I do this over night. Then I just reach in and squeeze any oil thats left out with my hands.

Now, a couple weeks later, you can make soap!!

I quadruple this recipe, and save the remaining dandelion oil for another time ☺ Sealed in a mason jar in the fridge it keeps for a while!

4.28 oz water × 2

4.28 oz frozen goats milk ×2

11.2 oz dandelion oil ×4

1.6 oz castor oil ×4

1.6 oz coconut Oil ×4

1.6 oz shea butter ×4

2.11oz sodium hydroxide ×4

Add lye to the cold WATER ONLY, set aside

Melt oils together, then cool slightly

Add lye water to oils and using your immersion blender mix for a minute or so

NOW add goats milk and blend another minute or so

Pour into mold and leave for roughly 24 hours

Slice into desired bars and place in a cool, dry area to cure.

Your soap will be ready 4 weeks later!!

This is a 6 week process! But worth every day!!

Questions? Comments?? Send me a message!! I'm by no means an expert, I'm pretty new to this! But I love it 💗

Let me know if you try my recipe!! I'd love to see how your soap turns out!

Next up, dandelion infused goats milk lotion

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