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About WH Farm

This farm began in my head many years ago as a fantasy.

The first time I read Little House on the Prairie I was hooked. Instantly I was Laura Ingalls Wilder,  living on a small farm, raising animals, growing my food and living a simple life!

Of course I was really about eight years old, living in Painesville City in a tiny yard, lucky to have a dog as a pet and not growing anything other than flowers.


But still, I imagined how it could be.


If the thought of ever actually living on a farm crossed my mind it was immediately replaced with the naïve thought that the only people who lived on farms were people who grew up on them. Their family had started them generations ago.  I always believed that while people left farms for city life, that no one left city life for farming.

Fast forward about 30 years and five children later here we are! When my children became involved in 4H and we met families that owned livestock on many sizes of land we realized that we could do this!

So it happened.

With passion, luck and a whole heap of help we moved away from the city and to a very small, but very workable piece of property!

Much to the dismay of my husband we wasted no time accumulating livestock and poultry, dogs, cats, etc. A small barn, a small pasture and a bigger dream. We are going to use every square foot of this property to make this a sustainable and profitable farm.

Please join us on this new adventure!


We would love to meet you, to teach you more about what we know, and more importantly learn from the people who know more than us!

The most important thing in our lives is our family. If we gain nothing from this experience other than making new friends, learning new things and instilling a solid work ethic in our children then we have truly succeeded!


Owner & Operator

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