• Kerry Willman

Is the dishwasher clean?

I hate this question, I really can't tell you how many times a day I get asked this, and every time I cringe! I have to stop myself from screaming "look for your f*cking self!! Does it LOOK clean??"

I cheerily (ha) answer with either "I'm not sure" or my favorite, "its running, it will be clean soon"

I always wonder how I have gifted children that cannot figure out another way to tell if the dishes are clean!!

Lets back up a few months to my favorite dish story of all, my then 14 and 10 year olds stood in the kitchen while I listed in shock from the other room...

10yo: "I wanted cereal and no bowls are clean"

14yo: "me too"

10yo: "mommy, there aren't any clean bowls"

me: silence because sometimes I just don't want to answer

14yo:"lets just have a cereal bar"

Not once did it occur to either of these children to just clean a dirty bowl!! ??Where have I gone wrong?!

It doesn't stop with dishes, its a constant stream of questions we all get asked.

"Where is my shirt?"

*the one from 5 years ago that doesn't fit anymore that I tossed at least 6 months ago*

'I'm not sure honey, did you check all your drawers?"

"Where is my baseball uniform?"

"On the floor where you left it"

* in disgust*" You didn't wash it?

"Nope. I don't clean it unless it's in the dirty clothes pile"

*under my breath* "and even then it's questionable some days"

All day every day it wears on a girl!

I work at home, with five kids. If I get a "break" from the house its to go to a baseball game, with kids. To dinner, with kids.

I don't think anyone understands the power a 30 minute car ride alone has!

What makes me angry is when anyone hears me complain they tell me I will miss this someday! I know, I WILL miss this, but it doesn't mean I can't be exhausted and annoyed with it at this very moment! It doesn't mean that I am not thankful for today, or the chaos!

If it's not the kids, its the damn dogs. Sven HAS to go outside no less than 361 times a day, which I suppose, is better than Junea. She is no longer a puppy and is yet to be house trained. A common fault of huskies, yay me! :|

If all is quiet within the house you can bet that the barn is a rukus. Phillip, the miniature mallard that my oldest just HAD to bring home from fair (because he is FREE, this boy just doesn't want him anymore" is causing problems. He is constantly chasing the girls, keeping them away from the food, the water, just being an a**hole in general.

The goats are ALWAYS hungry, well not really, but they act like they are.

Miss Kimmy, who was inside for the first few months of her life has never quite accepted she isn't coming back inside. So she is usually yelling at the gate for us to come save her from the barn life. She can usually be stopped with a handful of Cheetos, donuts or cereal. Betcha didn't know that a lambs favorite snack food is donuts ;)

As if on cue the barn has come to life this morning! Maybe I can sneak out there without a child begging me to let them weigh the feed!

That educational moment can wait another day, I have not had the proper amount of coffee yet!

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