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Solid Dishwashing Soap in ceramic crock and bamboo sponge

This is the product of mine I use the most! I am always looking to reduce our plastic waste! 
This solid dishwashing soap is amazing! Really! It is made with pure coconut oil, not recommended for a bar of soap because it is more harsh than helpful, for skin that is. For dishes it is perfect! It cuts grease, doesn't leave streaks and does an all around fantastic job! 
Best part? It lasts SO long! Just wet the 100% bamboo sponge (included) and wipe over soap. Start washing and watch the bubbles do their job! This bubbles so nicely it creates a lovely foam that rinses clean! 
As a reference, I do not have a dishwasher, I hand wash for all seven of us. One roughly 10 ounce block lasts me about 2.5 months! I know for me, liquid dish soap lasts roughly a week before it's been used/ wasted!